• Nihilism Workshop, Manchester, UK, ‘Colour Experience without Experience of Colour’ (upcoming)
  • Seeing Features Workshop, Southampton, UK, ‘Seeing Unseen Features’ (upcoming)
  • Public Engagement Event, Birmingham, UK, ‘Making Sense of our Senses’ (upcoming)
  • Sense-Data Workshop, University of Glasgow, UK, ‘Two Kinds of Aboutness’ (2017)
  • Phenomenal Intentionality Conference, Institut Jean Nicod, France, ‘Perceptual experience: Non-relationalism without Adverbialism’ (2017)
  • Intentionality Conference, Cambridge, UK, ‘Perceptual experience: Non-relationalism without Adverbialism’ (2017)
  • Study Day, invited talk at Birkbeck, University of London, UK, ‘Do we Perceive Absences? (2016)
  • Minds Online, Virtual Conference, ‘Everything is Clear: All Perceptual Experiences are Phenomenologically Transparent’ (2016).
  • New Directions Project, University of Cambridge, UK,  ‘Everything is Clear: All Perceptual Experiences are Phenomenologically Transparent’ (2016)
  • CRAG International Conference, University of Edinburgh, UK, ‘Perception: Experienced reality is always created’ (2015)
  • Philosophers’ Cocoon Conference, University of Tampa, USA, ‘Intentional Adverbialism’ (2015)
  • Contents of Consciousness workshop, University of Manchester, UK, ‘Transparency and Phenomenal Content’ (2015)
  • Perceptual and Non-Perceptual Phenomenology workshop, University of Antwerp, Belgium, ‘Transparency and Perceptual Experience’ (2014)
  • Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ‘Real Irrealism about Colour’ (2014)
  • Graduate Conference on Perception, Thought and Judgement, University of Porto, Portugal, ‘A Non-Relational Account of Perceptual Experience’ (2013)
  • Conference on Philosophy of Language and Mind (PLM), Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, ‘Perceptual Experience: Intentionality without Representation’ (2013)
  • Graduate Conference on Philosophy of Mind and Psychology, King’s College London, UK, ‘Intentionality without Representation’ (2013)

Abstracts for some of these talks can be found on academia